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When I was Twelve

When I was Twelve

,   2000,   installation view, suitcases, acrylic paint, colour photo copies and collage, (group show with Lucy Hogg and Monique Genton, "Coughing Paint: New Painting and Feminism"), Saddleback College Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA


The Comfort of Home
Suzo Hickey, also sympathetic to the issues of conformity, approaches the subject of home from the point of view of family, relocation and queer parenting. In her installation of six wall-mounted suitcases, Hickey cleverly transforms the literal travelling case into a metaphoric travelling canvas. more arrow

Painting as Insubordination
Monique Genton, Suzo Hickey and Lucy Hogg live and work in Vancouver, British Columbia. Vancouver has a diverse and thriving art community perhaps best known in this country for the photo-based artists, Jeff Wall, Allyson Clay, Ken Lum and Jin-me Yoon. The three artists participating in Coughing Paint have chosen to pursue painting despite the recognition that their community has received for photo-based work and in this way they are already working against the grain.
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