Suzo Hickey




,   2005,   acrylic on canvas,   27" x 27"

. private collection


mi¯ri˘fi˘cus, causing wonder or admiration, wonderful, marvellous, extraordinary, singular, strange.

I'll start with the name: MIRIFICUS.

It's Latin. I found it on the Internet, in the English/Latin dictionary. I was looking for a name for a group show with Persimmon Blackbridge, Suzo Hickey and Elaine Savoie that might mean some of the inscrutable wonder that I feel when I see their art. A name that might prepare you for how this art works together. more arrow

Chickens, crows and groovy angels Crows and chickens with golden halo cover the walls of the grunt gallery, along with groovy angels wearing headsets and Mary Magdalene holding scrolls printed with the poems of classical Chinese poet Li Po. The paintings and mixed-media constructions have invaded the tiny space in Mirificus, an exhibition of recent work by Persimmon Blackbridge, Elaine Savoie and Suzo Hickey. The three artist have turned Catholic devotional imagery on its head in irreverent explorations of family and identity, violence and death, strength and survival. more arrow

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